#18 Why you won’t ever see me at school on Saturdays

I know I haven’t posted in a long while. I hope you enjoy this, though.

It is rumoured that the poorer countries of the EU are to receive an immense sum of money if they accept such an atrocious thing. Why did I choose to use this powerful adjective? Because they can give us all the money they want, but it’s far worse if those grown up people, theoretically capable of making alright decisions, consider money more valuable than the mental health of students everywhere.

There are several reasons I disagree to this – a few of them are actually pretty simple. Firstly, let’s talk money. In Romania, the average student gets paid approximatively 300 lei a month, which is (according to today’s exchange rate) exactly 57 pounds. Aside from how much nothing you can do here with this amount of money, if we are to be a bit more concise, if you don’t try at all, you get 200 lei a month, if you kind of try but not really (like I did this semester), you get 300 lei, if you do really try your best, you can get 400 and if you are some genius kind of person and win nationally awarded contests of any kind, you get 500. I personally am not keen on the last one, since we all know how those awards are given, haha, let’s not get into that.

Anyhow, there are very small chances you earn nothing, so the average student, who spends about 7 to 8 hours at school for five days a week, gets some nice pocket money to go out for about two days and not starve. Given the stress inflicted (I hope unintentionally) upon us as 15-16 year olds, not only we deserve a lot more, but also we find this proposal of adding a more day horrendous. One more day of possible tests, bad grades and another night of not enough sleep. It’s just another day we cannot channel your spirits into something we actually like. I mean, yes, we get to meet our friends and some teachers we like (they probably get paid slightly more for a few extra hours), but is it worth it? I’ll get to that. Back to the average sum money I brought up: 57 pounds a month (that we get very, very late and not when we truly need it) is 1,9 pounds a day!!!!!!! What can you do with 1,9 pounds a day? Grab a glass of water? Whatever, strictly mathematically speaking, instead of 57 quid a month, with this amazing day added, we’d get 58,9 (310,02 lei) which isn’t exactly that much of a change, considering the amount fluctuates anyway. So, scientifically proven, it’s not worth the time! 😀 Thank me later for the amazing maths skills.

Moreover, it’s least likely the money we got from the EU would be invested in education. It will probably go into stuff we truly need, like a new patch of grass on the street no one walks on or some new clouds to cry over how bad we are as people. I’m sorry and it truly breaks my heart that I have to say such things, but after living full 15 years here I can tell that money are being wasted like crazy. For what? I wouldn’t know. And God, I wouldn’t even care about that extra 10 and a tad lei if they at least gave some of the money to Cosbuc to make the stairs cleaner and the dungeons less…uhm…unwelcoming. However, we all know that’s not gonna happen. BUT, if it does happen the way they say it will, which is pretty sci-fi if you ask me, it will contradict the whole concept of equity. Of course the lucky owners of 500 a month will want it, as proportionally, what they are earning with increase. I am talking the entire army of about 20 people. I’m kidding and I’m honestly not shaming anyone, good for them, I’m just being rational here. It’s normal people want more money. This is how we are constructed – just because we need money in order to pursue anything. Where am I going with this? Oh, right, money are both easy and difficult to play with, and we’re struggling enough already; let’s just leave it the way it is now and not add another day of school!

Another very good reason is, as I’ve mentioned before, our mental health! It may not seem like it, but we’re exhausted, we’re stressed – we’re certainly not okay. We don’t need more homework, more hours wasted on our way to school, more lost brain activity, more boredom, more tests, less sleep, less time for ourselves. It’s already pretty unfair how for 5 days of school we get only 2 of weekend – and I’m not joking. As much as I’d like to say that 50/50 would be perfect, it’s truly just gonna destroy our system by unlearning to work – so no. Four days of school and 3 of weekend sounds great, honestly. It’s far more relaxing and we also get to focus on what we want to do extracurricularly. Yes, we’ve chosen our major, but we didn’t choose all the subjects we’re taking. Who cares about logics and no, I don’t need to know advanced biology for journalism. Now, think about having only ONE day to sleep (which is only half a day since we’d probably sleep a lot), focus on your hobbies but do nothing at the same time. And maybe school won’t call us on Saturdays for legitimate lessons, but it’s still not what we want, it’s not our schedule and it’s probably boring and time-consuming. Leave it to two days, if you can’t make it three, guys.

I feel as if I’ve noted only downsides of this. Let me think of something positive!

We would get to see people who matter a lot to us for a bit more: our friends who we don’t get to meet outside high school very often, our crush that we cannot stalk unless we are in the same place as they are. It’s an extra day of memories with great people (students + teachers; we actually love you, guys), another few hours of inside jokes, some more minutes spent in the small park behind Cosbuc, or in the well known “under-the-stairs” area. I’m saying this because I sincerely love my school. I’ve wanted to study here for about 4 years, but we’re not talking my happiness here. I’d be content to smile one more day there if it didn’t imply the struggle of seeing it as a school day. And sometimes, on a Saturday, we just don’t want to get out of bed. Ugh.

To be honest, this whole concept is malleable and can be interpreted. I see it as another day full of classes, some might view it as a day of fun activities unrelated to what we do daily, some may not even care enough to give it much thought. Maybe it won’t be as bad as I made it seem like, not even as pointless. Maybe it’s not even gonna happen. I’m not 100% against it, but I’m not that into it, either. I guess that once we get more information we can discuss more than just money and emotions. Facts, people, facts! Until then, good luck to the people who aren’t students and have to endure another day of work (we see you, teachers, little shop lady, nurse and staff of all kinds).

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