#15 Cigarettes and Vogue

I went home earlier today and got my hands on my first ever Vogue magazine. I’m trying to get over the fact that I accidentally bought the Italian version and that it was difficult for me to understand more than 15% of it. Oh, and the photos.

However, picture this: I’m sitting in front of the subway station (yes, literally sitting), quite nicely dressed, with a long coat and scarf, boots, freezing. I was insanely stressed from the earlier events, therefore I decided to light a cigarette. Or two. Or more. Whatever. The important part is that I was sitting on some paved stairs in front of the National Theatre, buried in my immense scarf, with my hands freezing, holding the cigarette and with both the magazine and my phone on my lap.

Quite the image, huh?

I was waiting for someone and I thought that I could lay my vision on the sort of unrealistic, yet fascinating photographs. I could only imagine now much work was put into making one of them, not to mention the entire piece. I was stunned. Then, I saw a coat I really liked. I saw its price. I closed the magazine and became even more stunned.

I’m joking. I didn’t close the magazine.

Right now, I am looking at the cover of this Italian piece of work. Jaden Smith and…well, I honestly have no idea who she is, sorry. A girl. First page? Some amazing, fancy-ass photo from Chanel. I’m not going to lie, it has to be one of my favourite ones from the entire collection and it’s only the first thing I saw. Then? Some other pictures from other brands, whatever.

That’s it –  I found it. Page 72: A year in glam by Maria Grazia Meda. It has to be the article I prefer, and it has nothing to do with how much it took me to try to translate it while in the cold. No. The images are stunning, expressive, the terms used are…pompous. Believe it or not, they helped me understand the importance of those clothes, of those shoes. Not necessarily generally, but for the person who wrote it. I understood that she has an immense passion for what she does every day, work or not. The entire article is well put out. I’d say even more than well. I’m so impressed I’m speechless.

But why are you impressed?” You may ask. “It has to be the most overrated fashion magazine on the market.”

First of all, no. I think it’s beautiful. I think it’s inspiring and I admire it with all my heart. Why? Because I know how much work I’m putting into my blog, and I’m nowhere to being a quarter of a half of a half of a quarter as famous as Vogue. I know the amount of passion that I put, even in the days when I don’t really feel like writing. I still write. Because I love it. I love what I’ve done so far and how I’ve done it, and those feelings overcome the boredom or laziness.

And that’s a hobby.

Imagine the people who work there. Who have applied for the job because of their lust of creation, of their talent. That’s what they do every day, on a whole other level. It’s worth admiration and respect. It’s spectacular. The people who say it’s overrated have no idea how difficult living up to high expectations is.

There are people who buy Vogue for the expensive dresses and rich accessories. Then, there are people like me, who buy Vogue because they need someone to look up to. I could only wish for my work to ever be as big as that. It’s one of my (many) aspirations to work for such a magazine with prestige. For such a world with prestige. I’ve purchased it with the initial thought of scamming the texts in order to improve my writing and see their style. That, of course, went down the drain when I realised it was in Italian. Whatever.

To be honest, haters, I’d rather spend the rest of my life working for “the most overrated magazine on the market” as long as I do what I was designed to do: follow my dreams and be happy.

I wish you all do the same. Buy a magazine. You don’t know where it might lead you.

Good luck.

PS: I have bought my domain!! It’s a huge blog update. I’m so excited!! I hope you enjoy Gin. Thank you.

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