#10 Lunchtime aftermath

Please appreciate the thumbnail photo from my favourite movie, with one of my favourite inside jokes.

If you find yourself losing track of this entry’s details, check out the last article.

Last night, I heard some news that I didn’t digest very well; to be honest, I did terribly. Ask my friends. I was lost, empty, and literally alone in my room. I believe it was already past midnight and I was exhausted, innocently waiting for either a reason or a warm embrace. I couldn’t fall asleep at first, but when I noticed how my state of mind won’t accept any changes, I was fine.

I woke up quite late today. It was around 12 pm. I got up quite late today. It was around 1 pm. I see no problem, it’s a free Sunday, at least. I’m laying on the couch, writing this and enjoy some fruit-flavoured yoghurt, running Comedy Central in the background. I’m telling you, this is the life.

However, I was reflecting upon something my friend had told me. You cannot let bad news affect you more than three days. You have one day to take it in, one day to grieve and one day to prepare yourself for your rebirth. One missed occasion is another great opportunity.  Personally, I don’t need this grace period. I was so hurt last night that whatever happens from now on won’t touch me.

Take some time for yourself. Find a new hobby and make that your source of satisfaction. Go to a bar and have some drinks. Or invite some friends over and have some drinks. (Don’t unless you meet those requirements, haha.) Go somewhere with your bestie or your partner. Forget about any of your worries for at least a day and, well, have fun.

I was so lucky to have important people calm me down last night, maybe I even started crying of happiness. One of them told me “I care about you”, another one said “You are my priority”, and another one texted me “I’d rather reply to you.” All in one evening. What did I learn from this? That I won’t regret whatever led me to the bad news, because that one thing or person has shown me how surprising everything is. How people I never thought I’d have in my life turned out to be so much like me. How I’d end up visiting thrilling places and finding myself in awkward or fantastic situations. I was happy with what I acquired before and why would I lose it now?

I will live by that. I’ll let whatever’s happened in the past, where is belongs, and I want to be able to just say that I won’t care about it anymore. So should you.

Since I ended yesterday on quite an upsetting note, I want every single one of my readers to know that just because it feels like the end, it doesn’t mean it is. I might be repeating myself. I know that every time I was in trouble of any kind, I knew what and who I could count on. And I’m still getting surprises.

However, I played a big part in this, obviously. It doesn’t hurt to say a word to someone; it can be a short compliment, a question or just a greeting. You appreciate a person’s work? Tell them. You cannot imagine how you can change that individual’s view on their progress. You like someone? Tell them, talk to them. I think we’ve all been in that slightly embarrassing moment of wanting to be friends with people and not considering we are good enough for them. Screw that.

Nothing is ever out of your league: not that job, not that boy, not that girl, not that school, not that life. Nothing. Rock your own world and don’t be brought down by the few words from that one night. Rise like a phoenix.

Good luck.

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